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We stock a wide variety of brands and we supply you with the best choice of proven quality. If you don’t see what you are after, let us know & we can order it in for you. Our Range of Workwear and Safety Gear is specially selected for durability, price, quality and workmanship.

All companies are not created equal. Some have a purpose

  • COVERED FOR QUANTITY: From a single pair of gloves to the full kit & caboodle, we’ve got the full range of gear for a full range of uses.
  • COVERED FOR QUALITY: Each of our brands are considered to be the highest quality within the market – come in store and check out all of our brands!
  • COVERED FOR VARIETY: Our clients range from food preparation enterprises through to heavy industrial companies. Our products range from tough boots for tough blokes to cosy warm freezer gear.
  • COVERED FOR LOCATION: We are the only store in the Sumner Park area that offers a full range of workwear and PPE. We have customers come from all postcodes being that we are a central point between the Brisbane and Ipswich regions.

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